nicol chaplin

Nicol Chaplin

Welcome to Chaplin Coaching

Many people ask me, what's the benefit to me of working with a professional coach? In a nutshell, a coach helps you:

  • define where you want to go
  • get to your destination more easily and effectively than if you had worked on your own
  • see things from a different perspective, opening up new ideas and options

My clients are completely different and their issues are unique to them, yet underneath one element binds them together: each and every one of them has recognised a gap exists, between where they are today in their careers or personal lives and where they want to be.

They all want to change their circumstances.

I fully believe that every one of my clients has the ability to do what they want to do. I work with them to help them uncover what they really want to achieve and how it sits with what they hold dear in their lives.

Through a structured and systematic coaching approach, I help my clients break their goals into small manageable steps making it easier for them to make progress and get results.