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What we can achieve together

Choosing a coach is a leap of faith. However, other people's experiences can help indicate how productive and helpful such a leap can be.

To illustrate this I have selected a handful of my clients, to show the coaching techniques I used, the results, and the feedback I received from each client. I am very grateful for their permission to reproduce this information.


Coaching context

What the client said

Recently promoted to senior roles, these clients faced a new set of challenges. Coaching helped them gain real clarity about their new roles and helped them focus on the areas that would give them maximum business return and help them be most effective with their stakeholders.

"Nicol's work with key members of the team resulted in a noticeable, and almost immediate change in attitude and behaviour. Increased confidence and a more relaxed approach to their roles were two of the key benefits noted. Nicol's background and calm, professional manner makes her instantly credible and a pleasure to work with."

Claire, Managing Director, VMA Group UK

Using a combination of modelling, influencing and confidence building techniques, this client has achieved many of the goals that she set herself throughout the coaching programme and has, over the months, seen how she is able to change the dynamics of a situation by her actions.

"As a direct result of the coaching I have been able to improve a key relationship at work moving it from a low of 2 out of 10 to 6! I have also been able to use techniques of noticing body postures and modelling others. I put this to particularly good effect in a presentation I made to 50 people with excellent feedback from my line manager"

Rebecca, HSBC

By applying the T-GROW coaching framework and other specialist coaching tools, this client was able to devise new and fresh ways of winning new business and growing business with her existing client base.

"Coaching initially helped me establish key areas to work on to reach my goal. Nicol made me realise the value of my actions and motivated me to follow the action plan. Without the coaching process my progress would have slower and less effective"

Diane, Sales Manager, JKUK Ltd

Helping this client accept and harness his strengths gave him a true sense of himself and his role in the workplace. Coupled with work around his limiting beliefs, this enabled him to focus on what he wanted out of his life and how to make it happen.

"Before I started coaching with Nicol Chaplin I had definitely reached some brick walls in where I wanted to be in life. I was frustrated at going round in circles, feeling a sense of calling on to new things but unable to be clear about how to take the first steps to move forward. Chaplin Coaching has provided a very practical, clear, processed way forward, looking at why I find certain decisions difficult and helping me find methods to move forward "

Richard, Director, ABA Design.

Working with this client to create positive and daring goals helped her break out of a negative cycle. Once she started to gain confidence in her own strengths and abilities, her business flourished.

"I was keen to make changes in my life but lacked direction, clarity and above all, confidence to carry these out. I was not sure how coaching would help and hadn’t realised that answers would come from me as a result of Nicol’s skilful direction"

Jane, at Jane Featherstone Garden Design. May 09