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My approach to coaching

My coaching practice is built around two distinctive areas; the first is career development for people at different stages of their career journey and I offer a range of tailored Career Coaching Programmes to both personal and corporate clients.

The second is personal performance. I have found that the rigors of change within organizations demands that individuals continually adapt to new ways of working. I therefore coach individuals helping them build their effectiveness and impact in this changing environment by focusing on the outcome of situations, increasing awareness of issues and people around them and by helping them adopt a more flexible approach.

I provide a safe and confidential space within which individuals can determine ways forward and develop the new thinking and behaviours needed, in order to rise to the new challenge. I build confidence so that people can apply their existing strengths to new situations, find new ways to look at issues, and develop strategies to increase their effectiveness.

My coaching sessions tend to follow a proven 'GROW' framework, though I adapt this when appropriate, introducing other coaching frameworks and tools to suit the client. My approach is tailored to the character, needs and preferences of the individual, ensuring that each session delivers the maximum effect and benefits.

I believe strongly that the coaching relationship needs to be non-judgmental and built on partnership, trust, openness and a healthy dose of humour. This creates the rapport needed to deepen insights, progress and effectiveness.

In short, I apply experience, empathy and an engaged approach to my coaching.