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My Services: Corporate coaching


Benefits to the organisation

Corporate coaching

  • Improved individual performance
  • Improved company performance
  • Improved staff retention/commitment
  • More motivated employees
  • Greater group morale
  • Stronger personal development
  • Enhanced career planning

Business is about people: whatever your business is and whatever its size, progress comes down to relationships. Companies prosper or flounder, depending on how they handle relationships with their customers, stakeholders and employees. The driving force is the ability of its people to learn, adapt, grow and take action.

My role as a corporate coach helps managers at all levels enhance their performance by replacing ineffective behaviours with a more effective approach. Using a structured coaching process, I help my clients stand back from their day-to-day lives and find ways of doing things more effectively. These improvements make a real difference to them, their teams and their organisation.

Most of my coaching contracts last between 4-12 months, with monthly meetings at the client's office. Following completion of the core coaching programme I recommend holding an additional review six months later. This helps to monitor and maintain focus and progress.